KI Investment Holdings, LLC: An Investment in Long-Term Principles KI Investment Holdings, LLC: An Investment in Long-Term Principles
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About KI Investment Holdings, LLC

Who We Are

KI Investment Holdings, LLC is an innovative investment firm, providing capital and expertise towards the goal of being instrumental in the long-term success of our portfolio of investments. 

Managing Members

Thor Eakes

Todd Stewart

Stan Sewitch

Bill Bacon

Bob Kent
Director and  CFO

Lead Director




Our Mission

Our mission is to invest for long-term value, return on investment and the creation of middle-class careers.

Our Principles

  • We will always do what’s right to make our portfolio companies successful.
  • We will focus on the mission, creating long-term, sustainable value.
  • If we create careers, we create that long-term, sustainable economic value for ourselves as investors and our business community as a whole.
  • We will have no arbitrary expectations for ROI.
  • We expect no return per investment in less than ten years.
  • Whoever engages with us will be glad they did, whether or not they receive financing.
  • We follow the management principles of the "open book", including transparency of financial activities, compensation to staff and any other matter of business.

What Does Our Symbol Mean?

The kanji character you see is the Chinese word for "Ki" or "Chi". This means literally, "life energy". We believe that the life energy people dedicate to their work, to their careers and to their organizations is that which is the determining factor for both financial and qualitative success. There are no companies without the investment of this life energy. How we decide to spend the hours of our lives determines what we experience while we live.

At KI Investment Holdings, LLC, we recognize the truth of this investment of life energy, and we believe that we can achieve much greater success through the integration of this concept into our investments. Businesses are vehicles for the creation of profit, and the creation of livelihoods for the people who comprise them. We believe that in order to do well as a business, the people involved must have the opportunity to improve their own lives as well. You can’t have one without the other.

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