KI Investment Holdings, LLC: An Investment in Long-Term Principles KI Investment Holdings, LLC: An Investment in Long-Term Principles
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The profile of a likely investment for KI includes a number of these characteristics:

  • An innovation-based, relatively new organization, or a middle-market company trying to launch an innovative product or service that is distinctly different from the existing business model.

  • An existing company that has not realized its full potential, and is open to being innovative but needs help in doing so.

  • A company interested in obtaining both expertise and financing, not just financing.

  • A company interested in outright sale of all assets, and which can support our Mission.

  • Principals willing to invest time and energy to fully engage with KI, in open dialogue and due diligence.

  • Owners who are intent upon doing what is right for their own business.

  • Owners with a time horizon of interest and investment in the entity that can be considered "long-term", i.e., desirous of building something of lasting value, whether or not the principals continue with that entity.

  • Principals with a set of egos that can accept constructive advice and work collaboratively with both inside and outside team members.

  • Principals who are capable of being candid and forthcoming, when the relationship of trust is established.

If you are interested in discussing how KI Investment Holdings, LLC might be a business partner towards accomplishing mutually established objectives, complete the inquiry information below. You will be contacted by a representative of KI Investment Holdings, LLC.
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