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Press Releases

KI Investment Holdings, LLC makes investment in Apmetrix, a provider of cross-platform video game and mobile application analytics

September 2013 Apmetrix, a San Diego based video game and mobile application analytics company, became the latest company to receive funding from KI Investment Holdings, LLC since launching in July of this year. Apmetrix provides developers and publishers with analytics tools to view and quantify user behavior in order to automatically engage and re-target various users based on how they interact with the game or app. Their platform is able to aggregate hundreds of data sources, track unlimited custom events, view display-advertising revenues and customer-acquisition campaigns in real time, as well as access live data from anywhere in the world using a mobile device or the web. This round of financing from KI, Newport Holdings LP, Analytics Ventures and La Costa Investment Group will help the company continue its aggressive growth prior to a Series A round planned for sometime in 2014. Newport Holdings, LP, headquartered in Red Bank, NJ, actively seeks to reduce risk for shareholders by way of investment syndication with select co-investment partners such as KI Investment Holdings, LLC. Newport is a private investment fund that provides both human and financial capital to companies seeking to accelerate commercialization. They are opportunistic value investors whereby they partner with companies that have non-realized value with identifiable catalysts that they believe they can drive to create above average risk adjusted returns.

Portfolio Company BioSurplus Raises Additional Capital From SJF Ventures

June 2012 BioSurplus closed its financing round with an additional investment from SJF Ventures. Since establishing its first venture fund in 1999, SJF has provided venture financing for and assisted companies in the cleantech, consumer brand, business services, and Web-enhanced services markets. The combined capital from KI and SJF will enable BioSurplus to accelerate its expansion into the Boston area and beyond.

KI Investment Holdings, LLC provides expansion capital for BioSurplus, a pre-owned laboratory equipment and auction company

May 2012 KI Investment Holdings, LLC made an investment in BioSurplus, a leading provider of equipment management solutions and pre-owned scientific instruments to the life sciences industry. BioSurplus is headquartered here in San Diego, California, with a second showroom located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a third based in Korea. The company’s continued success and growth since 2003 has required an expansion to another facility that will be based in Boston, Massachusetts. The new location in Boston, scheduled to open in the summer of 2012, will be the fourth BioSurplus showroom.

Ridge Diagnostics Reaches Licensing Agreement with Ameritox Ltd.

April 2012 Ridge Diagnostics announced that it has secured an exclusive agreement with Ameritox, Ltd. for the licensing rights to its proprietary developmental blood test, MDDScore (tm). Ameritox has agreed to make an undisclosed equity investment in Ridge and commit to a next-stage clinical development program. The investment will help accelerate the MDDScore test development and speed up access to millions of patients already under the care of primary-care and pain-management physicians.

Ridge Diagnostics Receives Second Patent

February 2012 Ridge Diagnostics received its second patent allowance for its MDDScore (tm) diagnostic panel for major depression disorder (MDD). The company has filed over a dozen patents related to its proprietary blood test for diagnosing MDD, beginning in 2006 and continuing through 2011. Eleven patent applications are pending and should receive office action from the US PTO in the next one to three years.

Ridge Diagnostics Clinical Research Partner Publishes

February 2012 Dr. George Papakostas of Harvard University has published his study employing Ridge Diagnostics diagnostic blood test for major depression disorder (MDD), in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry. This study is the first ever published research involving a multi-analyte blood test for a neuropsychiatric disorder. The study results showed that Ridge's diagnostic panel can be a valid aid in diagnosing major depression. The study was conducted over a period of several years at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Ridge has three other clinical research programs in process. Ridge's MDD Score tm has been available commercially for physicians since late 2010.

KI Investment Holdings makes equity investment for expansion of Southern California Wine Storage, LLC

May 2011 Based on a successful first site, Southern California Wine Storage is expanding into Del Mar and Palm Desert, providing wine collectors with certified climate-controlled secure storage for their collections. Services include expert support by highly experienced founders. KI led the financing round.

Beam One Acquired by Synergy Health of the UK

May 2011 Beam One, LLC, an investment in KI's portfolio, was acquired by the British firm Synergy Health, a public company. The acquisition allows the company to operate as Synergy's U.S. subsidiary, capitalizing customer-driven growth of Beam One's electron-beam sterilization systems across the country and in the Caribbean. Three new facilities are planned for the next year. All employees were retained by the new parent corporation, with a 20% hiring growth rate envisioned for the next year.

Ridge Diagnostics, Inc. Named Finalist for CONNECT Most Innovative New Product Award

December 2009 Ridge Diagnostics, Inc., (formerly Precision Human Biolaboratories, Inc.) is a neurodiagnostic company commercializing a first in class, proprietary blood test for Major Depressive Disorder, has announced its selection as one of three finalists in the diagnostics and medical device category in CONNECT’s Most Innovative New Products Award program.

KI Investment Holdings Takes Equity Position in Beam One LLC

March 2009 KI has purchased an equity position from a founding member of Beam One LLC. KI's CEO has served as a director of Beam One for two years prior to the investment. Beam One provides electron beam sterilization services for medical device, therapeutic and tissue bank customers across the U.S. and in Costa Rica.

KI Investment Holdings, LLC Leads Seed Financing Of Precision Human Biolaboratory, Inc.

August 2007 KI Investment Holdings, LLC, a private investment company headquartered in San Diego, announced today that it led and closed a $1.0 million seed round financing of start-up biotech company Precision Human Biolaboratory, Inc. (PHB). Joined by two angel investors, KI has provided PHB with financing to fund the company’s continued research towards commercializing its proprietary diagnostic assays. PHB has developed the first blood test to diagnose the “major depressive disorder”, or MDD. There are over 20 million new patients with depression each year in the United States.

KI Investment Holdings, LLC Invests in SABIA, Inc.

March 2006 KI Investment Holdings, LLC, has made a major investment in a local enterprise, SABIA, Inc. Sabia created a new generation of PGNAA (prompt gamma neutron activation analysis) element analyzers for the mining and power industries.

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